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Our free audit tool helps you to get an idea about your site SEO performance and it gives you tips to optimize your site in SEO.
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About the tool


It determines overall site loading performance by considering different site load times

Best Practices

Looking at everything from site security and showing good practices to maintain a good website with optimized performance.


Here checks your site is optimized for search engine result ranking, there can be some other additional things which will be the reason that the website is not ranking in SEO. For ex:related keywords, content, etc. that you can check with Linkgenn experts


This checks common issues that may prevent some site components from a user accessing. This shows only highlighted opportunities to improve the accessibility of your website, manual testing is also recommended after the tool test.

Overall Site Score

Which gives you a site overall performance to have an idea about website current status, and also it suggests Linkgenn packages to have an expert look.